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We’ve all heard the saying that ‘content is king’ but far too often it gets overlooked. As a designer, we want content as early in the process as possible as it’s the foundation and driving force behind strong design.

The last decade has seen the mobile phone become the number 1 device to view a website on. For consumer sites, data suggests it can be 80% in favour of mobile devices. The experience for a user must be seamless, no matter what size device they are using.

Writing copy that works across mobile, tablet and desktop is a challenging task. It needs to be clear and concise, punchy and to the point. We simply no longer have the luxury of space to write convoluted, lengthy copy that was previously just about acceptable on big screens.

The big winner of course is the user who is often time-poor. They want to digest information quickly, obtaining the key facts easily in order to make their decision. They don’t necessarily want to read text – perhaps a video, podcast or infographic (all content components) is a more engaging way to communicate your message.

Copy is an area that clients (and some designers) can struggle with. It’s a difficult task and often outside of their comfort zone. If budget allows, a professional copywriter is money well spent and your users will appreciate how much better your content flows.

Good copy will engage your users, drive conversions, increase sales and position your brand correctly. Web copy can also be reused across all your marketing (online and offline) so that your messaging is consistent across all channels.

Strong copy is the heartbeat of the design process. It must be crafted, reworked and simplified to ensure your audience engages with your brand, no matter what device they are using.