Can I build a website myself?

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DIY Website Builder

The short answer is yes!

There are 2 fantastic platforms in Wix and Squarespace that offer a really powerful DIY solution for those who are enthusiastic enough to get a corporate website up-and-running for free. So if you have a limited (or no) budget, you don’t have to run your business without an online presence. For the right sector, and if one of their themes is a good fit, Wix and Squarespace may be just the ticket. Give them a try as I have seen some really strong websites.

So why do I get so many enquiries from prospective clients who started out on Wix and Squarespace?

It’s because a top notch website requires a lot more planning than first meets the eye. Content, design, UX flow and strategy need to work in harmony and feed off each other. And this requires planning, skill and experience to get right – finding the right image, writing concisely, ensuring your user gets from A to B quickly and efficiently are all factors that may seem easy but in reality they are a little more complex than that. Not everyone can write high quality content that converts a user into a customer and not everyone has the creative eye to ensure their website is visually engaging.

Wix and Squarespace give you the tools to build a fairly decent site but to this day I have not seen a platform that actually does the tough strategic thinking for you. I guess with the advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence), we may get there in the future but for now, going to a human (a web designer like me) is your best bet.

On top of that, mobile has been a game-changer. The small screen is a tough tough platform to deliver an engaging web experience on – it takes skill to get right. Don’t forget that nowadays, we don’t build different websites for different screen sizes like we did in the past. The same site (design and content) needs to deliver on its objectives across any screen size and content management and UX/UI planning is integral to that.

The next major difference between a DIY platform and a more advanced platform like WordPress is that you have a platform that can grow with your business. You can build anything on top of the core framework and add new functionality to create a website that meets all your objectives and not half of them. You have complete control and with that control comes the opportunity to be innovative.

There is only so far that Wix and Squarespace can take you – they are fantastic in their own niche but at some point your business is going to need something more. It’s at this time that you need to talk to a professional who can offer the full suite of services and has the expertise and experience to ensure that the platform your site is built on, is the best fit for you.

Do I need a big budget if I move away from a DIY platform?

You do need a budget, but it may not be as much as you think. There is always a way to build a website for any budget so it comes down to the complexity of your requirements and getting the right person at the right rate involved. If you need a new car and have a budget of $10k, there is no point turning up to the Porsche dealership. It’s all about getting the right fit. I’ve designed and built websites for less than $3k and upwards of a $100k, so I know what can and can’t be done for most budgets.

Need some help?

Drop me a line and I would be delighted to discuss your brief. If I’m not the right fit for you, I will point you in the right direction.

Simon Greenland

Simon Greenland

I'm a freelance web designer living in Oxford. I worked in London for 8 years before spending 7 years in Melbourne, Australia. My experience includes a number of the largest agencies in the world and some bluechip global brands - Canon, HP, GAP, GE and Microsoft to name a few.