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The process of launching a tech-based startup into the market is exciting. It’s a rollercoaster ride that is challenging, fast-paced and rewarding.

Airbnb were 24 hours from going out of business. 99% of start-ups fail for many different reasons but the time comes when a business needs 1 of 3 things to survive:

  1. Funding
  2. Users
  3. Revenue

However, it can be a catch-22 situation. Without funding, it can be hard to build the product. Without the product you can’t attract users, and without users you can’t generate revenue.

So the key (for me) is being able to design (and often build) a prototype to prove the concept, the product/market fit and the monetisation model as fast and cost-effectively as possible. Raising money then becomes easier, the development roadmap becomes clearer, and recruiting the right expertise can begin.

There are tools that designers and developers can use to rapidly prototype, iterate and release to market. It’s so important to be in the game (rather than preparing for the game), getting real-life feedback from paying customers. Startups often need to pivot, so vision, flexibility and strong foundations need to be in place to aid rather than hinder that process during the early experimental phases of getting the product right.

Brand will always play its part. For a start-up and the right brief, branding can be kept simple. A strong brand will help your business but brand alone won’t make it successful.

The strength of your team is also important. You need the expertise and credibility in key areas to allow you to move quickly, innovate, iterate, learn and improve. Most tech startups have a founder or co-founder who is tech led and actively involved with writing code (certainly in the early stages). Building an in-house equity led team is often a really sensible approach. Remote teams certainly have their place, but often it’s far easier if the key personnel are local and can meet face to face, or at least on the same time zone over Zoom.

If you are looking for a design partner, feel free to book a time in to discuss your concept to see if it’s a good fit for both parties.